How do I cancel my membership/subscription?
Simply contact support.

How do I make or sell a movie to
If you are interested in making or selling a movie to then please read more here.

Is it free to download the movies?
Yes. You can download all movies for free. Feel free to browse our catalog and download any movies you wish to play. You need a license in order to play the movies downloaded - please see below for license acquisition.

What is required to play the movies?
You need Windows Media Player 9.0, Windows 98 SE or later and a valid license in order to play the movies. All movies are DRM encoded and requires a license to play. All movies are Pay Per View and you need a valid license for each movie you wish to see. A license can be bought online for a small fee.

How do I buy a license?
To start with you need to download the movie you wish to see to your computer. Make sure that you have downloaded the entire movie to your computer before trying to play it. When the file is downloaded to your computer simply load the movie in Media Player (double click on the downloaded file). A popup window will appear and you can buy a license online with your credit card.

Can I view the movies on my Macintosh or Linux computer?
No. You cannot view the movies on a Macintosh. You need to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 98 or later.

Can I view these movies on a dvd player?
No. You need Windows Media Player 9.0 and Windows 98 SE or later to see the movies.

Will a license to a low quality movie work on the other qualities as well?
No. The license that you buy will only work for the movie quality that you downloaded.

I bought 1 license - can I watch all your movies now?
No. You need to buy a license for each movie you wish to see.

Do you buy amateur movies?
Yes. If you have made your own movie then please contact us at and learn more about selling movies to us. We specialize in high quality amateur movies and we are always looking for new and exclusive movies.

German users please read this!
There is an issue with the German version of Media Player and DRM protected files. Please visit Microsoft's homepage:

How do I contact Caledonian NV?
You can contact Caledonian NV by email: